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Low emission car information

A low emission car is any car that produces less than 110g/km of C02, cars in this clasification will qualify for some UK business tax benefits.

To benefit from zero road tax and to be congestion charge exempt the emisions must be under 100g/km C02.

A low emission car might run on a conventional petrol engine, a diesel engine or a hybrid engine which is either a combination of electric and petrol or electric and diesel.

Most major manufacturers are seeing the benefit of producing low emission vehicles as consumer demand and awareness of green issues grows, potential customers are also seeing the benefits of owning low emission cars with government tax incentives, lower running costs and a wider choice of models all adding to their appeal.

There are more than 250 types of car in the UK that produce less than 100g/km of C02, a figure that is growing rapidly with manufacturers like Ford, Volkswagen, Seat and Volvo, BMW and even Porche all producing deisel or petrol models that produce less than 100g/km of C02.

In 2013 the average C02 emissions from new cars has fallen for the 6th year in succession with it now standing at 128.3g/km, the target for 2020 is 95g/km, with plenty of cars already capable of that figure it looks like the target might be met.

Production and sales of low emission vehicles are growing year on year along with the distance the cars can now travel on a tank of fuel with some petrol and diesel cars able to travel up to 90 miles per gallon of fuel.

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