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Electric car Information

An Electric cars power comes from a large Lithium ion battery or batteries which can be charged from a normal powersource that you would find in your home or from high power charging posts or charging bays that are rapidly being deployed around our cities and towns.

An electric motor is used to convert the battery power into mechanical power, as electricity is passed around a wire loop in the motor, the loop produces a magnetic field which then rotates the shaft of the motor creating mechanical energy, this energy is then used to power the drive train of the vehicle propelling it forwards or backwards.

Most electric cars also use something called regenerative breaking, as the cars uses its brakes the power generated by the friction of breaking is transfered to the battery, this makes electric cars very efficient driving around cities where there would be alot of breaking.

The downsides of electric cars are the price (currently electric cars can be 3 times more expensive than conventional engined cars) and the range, the latest electric cars can achieve a maximum range of around 100-120 miles withough the need to recharge, for long journeys this might not be ideal, which is why this is seen as the major bug bear of the electric car, though with advances in battery technology and with the rapid deployment of charging posts aroung the country I am sure this problem will disipate.

The great thing about electric cars is than they run silently, so not only is there no air polution, there is no noise polution.

Types of electric car battery

There 3 main types of electric car battery, each has it's own pro's and con's

DC Brushless Motor: This type of motor is good for achieving high top speeds but lacks acceleration. The Segway scooter uses a DC Brushless motor, as do some electric bicycles.

AC Induction Motor: This type of battery has a good acceleration rate though it has an average top speed, it is also the most expensive of the three types of battery, it is also the most popular as it is said to have a better range, and uses the regenerative breaking more efficiently.

Permanent magnet DC motor: This type of battery is the man in the middle, it has decent accelaration and decent top speeds but not the best, this motor is said to be better if you are in need of higher torque.

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