Guillermo Navarro - Cinematographer

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"Dylan is incredibly calm, hard working and exceptionally passionate about the roles he tackles. He seeks to understand all facets of a character with care and consideration, whilst graciously offering his own insight and thoughts, both in rehearsal and on-set. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dylan, and look forward to the opportunity to work with him again."

Name: Matt Stokes

Role: Director

Film: Objects to see Further

"Dylan is an actor that throws himself fully into a project. He was very focussed during prep and on the shoot, always making sure he was keeping his performance fresh for each take. I really liked his ability to take things in different directions without needing time to think, he would just try things that were on a different beat."

Name: Mark Jenkinson

Role: Director

Film: Vicious Circle

"Dylan came to 'The Herd' at extremely short notice ( days before the shoot ) His enthusiasm and understanding of his characters role in such a short amount of time within the environment of the film was above and beyond, he made his character come so alive and real, having Dylan step in when he did was one of the best things for the film. His performance was perfect!"

Name: Melanie light

Role: Director

Film: The Herd

"Dylan is great to work with. As an actor he is thoughtful, open and able to deliver performances with both subtlety and surprising intensity. He's also a lovely hardworking bloke and an energetic presence on set"

Name: Jonathan Green

Role: Director

Film: I do Harm

"Dylan is a true professional and works extremely hard to bring the vision of a character to life. On my first short film 'Man of the House' Dylan worked extremely hard with me to create the character of Gary, he became a vital member of the cast and I look forward to working with him in the future"

Name: Terry Hart

Role: Director

Film: Man of the House

""Dylan Barnes is a long standing friend and acting colleague, passionate, intuitive and generous . His style is raw, intelligent and always focused and is a pleasure to be with on and off set"

Name: Craig Conway

Role: Actor / Producer

Film: The Myth of Hopelessness